Discovering the coworking Nextdoor La Défense

After the opening of a Nextdoor space in Issy-les-Moulineaux in 2015, it is the turn of the brand new site in La Défense to open its doors to nomadic workers. This Nextdoor Cœur Défense space welcomed its first coworkers on September 1, 2016.

We jumped at the opportunity to go and visit it between the dizzying towers of the esplanade and present it to you!


Our impressions:

We mingle with the bussinessmen (and women!) to enter the space nestled on the ground floor of the Coeur Défense business excellence tower, then we are quickly welcomed by several very friendly members of the Nextdoor team to guide us to the nomadic workspace. Well installed in our open-space, we are ready to start our teleworking session!


We like:

- To be able to come and work at La Défense in nomadic mode in a comfortable, calm, pleasant and welcoming space.


- Nextdoor's decoration and identity: a professional and colourful space.


The little plus: the boxes to make his phone calls.

We like less:

You have to be careful at the subway exit, you can quickly get lost (and lose time) to find Nextdoor which blends very (too) well in the scenery.

Our advice: make sure you get out to the Arche Defense, it's only 2 minutes away!


Interview with Laurent, manager of the coworking Nextdoor La Defense

To find out a little more, we interviewed Laurent, in charge of Defence space.



Hello Laurent, can you quickly introduce yourself (what did you do before, where you come from etc..)?

I am originally from the South-East, I studied finance and then went to hotel school in Switzerland. I started directly in the hotel business where I worked for 12 years. When I turned 40, I wanted to change, telling myself that it was now or never.

Through relationships and network, I met Philippe Morel, the President of Nextdoor, who proposed me to take care of the site project. This represents 4200 m2 and 450 people with a possible evolution over 2017 to take other floors.


How long have you been following the project / being part of the team?

Since last March. I arrived to prepare the pre-opening of the site having as a tutor "Colombine" who opened the Issy site (June 2015), and future manager of the Nextdoor Gare de Lyon.

Can you introduce Nextdoor? What is your role in Nextdoor?

It is a company that surfs on the wave of "working differently" in a relaxed and ultra-professional atmosphere, with a colourful décor and a service-oriented approach.

We are moving towards hotel management "the pleasure of pleasing".

It's something innate for me: learning from others, human contact, which allows us to move forward and create links, to maintain one's network. Moving towards living together, well-being at work.

There is a real dimension of sharing around festive animations with our residents.


We mix relaxation, catering in the middle of a workspace. The door is open to the welcoming bar, especially in a tertiary business tower: it's a symbol of having chosen this place which is the largest building in Europe, the La Défense building. And it was Bouygues that built it, of which Nextdoor is a 100% subsidiary: the circle is complete!

What is the identity you want to give to Nextoor (philosophy and design)? Are there any differences between the Issy site and the La Défense site?

We want to give the workers a chance to fish when they arrive in the morning, to take part in the pleasure of going to work. Our welcome message could be: "Welcome to our place, you are at home! »

Everything has been thought out by the architects and designers to make the space user-friendly: furniture, signage, digitalisation, technical installation: everything is part of it!

The style is sought after but not uniform. The high tables are placed next to the low tables and benches so that everyone can find their place and can also change places throughout the day.

The main thing is to feel good about being a resident. We are open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. The atmosphere is friendly, relaxed (playstations, coffee, sofas...) and professional.

Have you already built your community? If so, what type? Do you do or have events planned?

We already have contracts signed with an occupancy rate of 60%. The written press, the coworking and shared offices talk about us in the world of coworking, it has allowed us to attract residents.

What do you think of the place of coworking in the French landscape? New relationship to work etc?

The mix between current work and teleworking is a very good compromise, allowing people to manage time and have more flexibility. Teleworking at home lacks a social life, and office work is a bit too stuffy. So spaces like ours offer good alternatives!


There is the social dimension while being in a flexible workspace. This allows some people to grow their business before moving to dedicated offices, always with access to space.

I believe in this 200% coworking space because it comes from the United States and we're behind that. These are the new ways of working in the future. The proof is that Facebook, Apple, etc. work like this. So these spaces correspond as much to start-ups as they do to large companies.

For example, an American study has shown that 40% of sales and HR staff do not sit at their desks all day long: large accounts are therefore interested in coworking spaces for greater flexibility and cost efficiency.


What are your future plans? And those of Nextdoor?

Concerning the Nextdoor network, we are going to open two new spaces: one at Gare de Lyon, and the other at Issy-les-Moulineaux. The objective is to open between 4 and 6 per year starting next year, and then to expand internationally.

On a personal note, I would like to return to the Southeast in the medium term with Nextdoor.

Nextdoor in a sentence, hashtag, slogan?

#Well-being #


#Good mood #

#ambiance start-up

#Come as you are (Editor's note: Be careful of copyrights anyway :))

What more can we wish you?

May all our customers be happy and may we accompany them in their success.

Leading customer service because they are the ones who make Nextdoor grow.


Thank you Laurent, we wish you a lot of happiness and success.

To test this new Nextdoor space, don't hesitate to book your place on neo-nomade :

Address: 110 Esplanade du Général de Gaulle, 92931 Paris - La Défense

Opening hours: from 9am to 7pm Monday to Friday

To book on Neo-nomade :


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