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Coworking & Carpooling to keep working in peace of mind

Neo-Nomade, 1era coworking platform for companies, and Klaxit, the French leader in company carpooling, have joined forces to offer a tailor-made offer dedicated to companies. The two startups are committed to deploying their services in just 48 hours!


Coworking, the clever solution to limit one's movements

Pollution peaks, flooding of the Seine, strikes... In this age of the cloud and collaborative tools, more and more French people are opting for remote work. The trend is also driven by a favourable legislative context (Macron 2018 Ordinances, Mobility Plan).  

But teleworking is not just limited to the home. For the last 3 years, coworking spaces have been exploding all over France, offering an alternative to teleworking from home: comfortable spaces, good quality connection, socialisation with other members of the space, possibility to make a break with personal life... Many employees of large companies (EDF, CAP GEMINI, CREDIT AGRICOLE) have already adopted this "third way" between office and home.

The disruptions have also allowed many companies to go through and test this solution on an ad hoc basis. This allows the solution to be opened for each company within 48 hours and a communication kit to deploy the solution internally very quickly. For individuals, a promotional code "GREVE2018" is also available, allowing them to test the first day free of charge in a coworking space.


strike May 2018
JT 20h TF1 - 23 April 2018

For Baptiste Broughton, co-founder of Neo-nomade". The strike episode puts the finger on a problem in the daily lives of millions of French people: why travel every day to work? With coworking, employees benefit from all the advantages of teleworking, without the disadvantages - and those who test it adopt it! For us, coworking, like carpooling, is part of the invention of a new way of organizing and living together, more intelligent, more collaborative. »

A few figures

  • 85% of coworking employees say they are very satisfied with this solution.
  • 70% find themselves more efficient when they work in coworking.
  • 25€ : average cost of a day in coworking space
  • A growing trend: 3 times more coworking spaces in 6 years! i.e. around 650 in France, 250 in Ile-de-France (equivalent to a capacity of 80,000 workstations in France, including almost 35,000 in Ile-de-France).

Source : experimentation What Office Tomorrow - 2015

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Carpooling, a popular alternative since March 22nd

Since the first day of the strike on 22 March, Klaxit has seen its number of journeys double on strike days, consolidating its network of 130,000 journeys offered every day throughout France. Its 130 partner companies, including ¼ of the CAC 40, were able to relay the "special strike" communication kit made available to them by Klaxit as of the week of March 12. In these companies that are already customers, the number of employees registered on the platform has increased by an average of 20%.

Since the beginning of the strike, Klaxit has also signed contracts with some 20 new companies, including BNP Paribas, Valeo and CNP Assurance. Driven by the strike, registrations in new businesses have surged, with more than double the number of registrations compared with launches outside the strike period.

Based on employees' appetite and companies' need for solutions that can be implemented quickly, Klaxit decided to propose a special offer that brings together all the best practices to effectively launch its carpooling solution within very tight deadlines.

(ex Wayzup)
Julien Honnart - President & Founder - Klaxit Covoiturage

During strikes, Klaxit thus undertakes to launch its carpooling solution in just 48 hours, providing the company with a communication kit specifically adapted to the strike context. This special offer is offered at advantageous rates and involves a simplified contractualization to enable large companies to quickly offer a solution to their impacted staff. Finally, all employees will benefit from free carpooling trips offered by Klaxit throughout France during the strike.

« Our objective is to provide companies impacted by the strikes with a real alternative for their employees, by giving them the benefit of the largest network of companies in France, with whom they will be able to share their journeys in complete confidence. "says Julien Honnart, President & Co-founder of Klaxit.

Would you like to find a coworking facility near you and/or book your carpool? Please contact me:

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