Wavestone: from the suggestion box to coworking for everyone

A pioneering company in the field of well-being at work, as symbolised by the consecutive good rankings by the Great Place To Work label, Wavestone has for several years now been transforming its working methods. The Air project, aimed at restructuring and redeveloping the head office, was the first stone in the building, followed by the implementation of a teleworking policy. Having the habit of putting the employee at the centre of its decision-making process (Air, Up2020, ...), it is through an internal idea competition (The Idea) that a new need, corresponding to a third stage of this transformation, was put forward: working in a coworking space. As was the case for teleworking, Wavestone wishes to demonstrate by example by launching an experiment in the use of these new spaces for its employees.


The Neo-nomad Enterprise platform was made available to Wavestone employees in September 2018. To facilitate the integration of this new tool, a customization work has been done both graphically and technically with the SSO connection. The involvement of the Wavestone teams made it possible to co-construct a change support and change management methodology and project follow-up, with responsibilities shared between the two teams. In particular, Wavestone is in charge of the communication and community management aspects through the implementation of a dedicated group on Yammer, the corporate social network.


Key success factors :

  • Internal initiative, acclaimed by employees
  • A well-structured approach, with a test phase
  • Effective and ambitious internal communication

Results : 

  • Deployment to more than 2,000 employees
  • Adoption rate of 10 to 30% (especially during strikes)
  • Satisfaction and commitment rate of more than 90%.


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