Rethinking real estate with Generali France

Few people know it: since 2013, Generali France has been deploying a highly innovative real estate flexibility strategy in France. This project is particularly close to our hearts, since it was with Generali's Working Environment Department that Neo-nomade Entreprise was born: it is in contact with the needs of users and decision-makers that we have gradually set up the Entreprise offer, which is deployed in several dozen companies today. A quick look back at the history of this project.


The challenges for GENERALI: the need to simplify the management of sub-offices

In 2013, GENERALI France's Working Environment Department wishes to optimize the management of its real estate assets in the provinces. Approximately 40 small surface area sites are made available to the sales teams. The problem: these offices are poorly adapted to the needs of mobile populations: often under-occupied (less than 20%), dilapidated, poorly positioned and generate significant costs (rent, charges, maintenance, security, etc.).

GENERALI decides to replace the existing offices (termination of the lease) with a 100% flexible solution in coworking space, all operated via the Neo-nomad Enterprise solution. In addition, we assist Generali upstream on the framing and search for spaces that meet the specific needs of these populations.


Key success factors :

  • Progressive deployment with a pilot phase
  • Specific specifications studied with the teams
  • Implementation of recurring bookings to facilitate organisation


Results : 

  • Gradual deployment of 40 sites
  • 30 to 45% cost reduction, depending on location
  • User satisfaction maintained throughout the project


A flexible and mobile Real Estate strategy that extends to the Paris headquarters

In 2016, and after testing the use of coworking areas for its nomadic populations, GENERALI France decided to offer this solution to its sedentary employees at the head office (Saint-Denis, 2500 eligible people).

The teleworking option is a great success. Of the 400 requests, about 20% of employees choose the "Coworking" option, which is open only to people living in the "red" zone (in the first and second crown, with more than one hour of commuting time per day). The teleworking and coworking project is accompanied at the head office by a rationalisation of the real estate surfaces and the transition to a "flexdesk".

We support Generali in the identification of "red" zones and the operation of the device via our Neo-nomad Enterprise COWORK solution.

Key success factors :

  • Reinforced support at the launch
  • Selected customised spaces to maintain consistency with the seat

Results : 

  • Gradual opening of a wide network of spaces
  • 95% user satisfaction
  • Gradual transition to flexible real estate with more than 5000 m2 of the headquarters returned after 3 years of investment.

To go further: 

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