Accompanying site closures as part of a PES with coworking - the example of SAGE France

At the beginning of 2017, in a difficult economic context, SAGE had to close several of its branches in the provinces. After the agreement of the Direccte on the PSE (Plan de Sauvegarde de l'Emploi) and on the implementation of full-time telework for those affected, SAGE wanted to offer alternative spaces in the homes of employees. The management of SAGE France therefore asked Neo-nomade to set up a coworking solution for its teleworkers in the region. 

The stakes for SAGE:

  • Limiting the impact of site closures for employees
  • Propose an alternative to full-time home-based telework 
  • Optimize your real estate costs within the framework of an EMP

The solution proposed by Neo-nomad

After employee mapping, the SAGE network of dedicated spaces was created for 6 cities in the Region, in order to create a strong network of spaces in the targeted areas. A complementary site search process was set up to meet specific needs (location, desired resources). Neo-nomade proposed two solutions according to the profiles of the workers (sedentary and itinerant): some with simple access to shared workstations and others with additional access to meeting rooms.


The Neo-nomad Enterprise platform is used to organize the use of several hundred spaces for SAGE employees.


In order to launch the solution, two distance learning courses were given to employees. Monthly follow-up meetings were held to monitor the adoption of the solution and then ended with an overall quantitative and qualitative assessment. After several months of use and very positive feedback from employees, the solution was definitively deployed. Employees use flexible and collaborative spaces every day.

The most upbeat:

  • The possibility to gather in the spaces in small groups of colleagues
  • Exchanges with coworkers and space managers
  • The discovery of different dynamic spaces, well distributed over the territory



Harry Cow in Toulouse, one of the favourite spaces of SAGE's teleworkers and nomads

The results: 

  • Nearly 1,000 bookings recorded on the platform in 3 months
  • 90% user satisfaction
  • A deployment of the solution for a perennial adoption of the solution
  • Achievement of cost optimization and EMP objectives


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