Capgemini Invent: coworking enthusiast with Neo-nomad

At the beginning of 2017, Capgemini Invent (formerly Capgemini Consulting) launches the "Play Book" program, which brings together a list of innovative HR initiatives to facilitate the work of its employees. Among these projects, a Coworking experiment is proposed to consultants, who are essentially nomadic, in the Ile-de-France region. The objectives were to attract talent and offer optimal working conditions outside the office.


  • Success! The "coworking" option then proves to be a high-performance solution: it facilitates mobility and remote work (teleworking), encourages the motivation of consultants and attracts new talent by offering them innovative work environments that are sometimes different from the company's traditional environment.


  • So what now? Faced with the rapid adoption of these new ways of working, Capgemini Invent has decided to deploy the solution on a permanent basis to all its consultants. The latter often use Neo-nomad for individual or group work days. They even organise several of their training sessions or events in coworking spaces. Some project groups have also been able to benefit from medium-term offices to carry out their missions in spaces with specific criteria: location, services, flexibility, duration, ...


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