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Un bureau de proximité pour vos collaborateurs

With the VIDOC-19 crisis, our view of office work has changed radically: the norm is no longer to come to the office but to work remotely. While 82% of employees want to continue to be able to telework, working from home is a source of distress for almost half of the employees*. To accompany this transformation, we provide you with a unique network of micro-working spaces so that your employees can find an office 15 minutes away from their homes.

Pourquoi un bureau de proximité ?

  • Improvement of working conditions vs. home
  • Amélioration du bien-être et de l'efficacité
  • No public transport
  • 100% flexible use

Une solution clé en main, adaptée au contexte post-COVID

  • Plateforme de réservation et de gestion dédiée
  • Spaces respecting a minimum sanitary checklist
  • Intégration de vos espaces internes (option)
  • Launch support
  • Centralized invoicing and contracts

See our COVID-19 checklist for coworking spaces

Feel like digging into it?

We offer you a quick mapping of your employees with the spaces +projected uses, costs and returns on investment (HR and Real Estate).


Optimisez vos m2 et passez à l'immobilier flexible

La crise du COVID-19 a montré que votre entreprise pouvait fonctionner à distance - alors pourquoi continuer à supporter des coûts immobiliers à 100 %? Avec WORKDESK, nous vous proposons d'évaluer le potentiel de sous-location de vos espaces existants, de bénéficier d'un réseau d'espaces flexibles pour éviter les engagements du bail 3/6/9 et une plate-forme de pilotage de l'ensemble de votre immobilier flexible.

What we offer you in the post-COVID offer:

  • Quick diagnotic to optimize your existing property
  • Support for subletting / space optimization
  • Personalized search for coworking spaces for your teams
  • Global dashboard for managing your flexible real estate


Accompagnez le changement et le retour au bureau (ou pas)

L'épisode COVID-19 a chamboulé nos habitudes et bousculé notre quotidien. Dans la douleur, nos modes de travail ont fait en 2 mois un bond de 5 à 10 ans. Depuis près de 10 ans Neo-nomade prédit l’avènement du télétravail et du bureau "hub". Nous y sommes et nous pouvons vous aider à mettre en oeuvre cette nouvelle culture. Stratégie, expertise RH et immoflex, formation et accompagnement au changement : avec nos partenaires nous vous proposons de booster votre transformation, au plus proche de vos besoins.

What we offer you in the post-COVID offer:

Micro distance and mobile learning is very popular with companies and has very good results in terms of employee buy-in. We have therefore decided to develop a programme with HUH School dedicated to the culture of distance working. Result: a 2-week training course based on very short learning modules (a few minutes), accessible by mobile phone and adapted to the profile and expectations of each individual.

> Visit the page dedicated to micro-training, or make an appointment with Marie 20 minutes to discuss it!

Face aux incertitudes, les entreprises vont de plus en plus chercher à flexibiliser leur immobilier. Cela passe par le renforcement du flex-office et l’utilisation de plus en plus large du coworking. Pour y arriver il va falloir se projeter, maîtriser la data d’occupation des espaces (interne et externe) mais aussi créer une vraie culture de travail à distance. Nous vous proposons avec nos partenaires une méthodologie qui allie les expertises immobilières, data et en accompagnement du changement, pour bien évaluer la situation actuelle et prévoir les stratégies et scénarios post-COVID. 

> To learn more about this approach and the potential for your business, make an appointment with Nathanael.

Too often accompanying change rhymes with "passing on the pill". Setting a company in motion means being clear about the vision and reasons for changing practices and workspaces. It also means involving managers and teams in the design and of course communicating and reassuring during the implementation phase. We offer you a unique approach that combines the analysis of tomorrow's uses and work practices (flex office, teleworking, nomadism...) with the best expertise in analysing the occupation and layout of spaces. 

> For more information, make an appointment with Nathanael

In order to facilitate the transformation, we have developed with LBMG virtual class modules and distance coaching as well as specific face-to-face coaching for managers and employees (co-development, coaching, ...). These modules provide in-depth support for your company's practices and culture, to adapt it to the COVID-19 and extended distance working context. 

> To find out more about this approach, please contact Nathanael directly.

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Webinars on the future of post-VIDO work

As deconfinement approaches and with it its share of uncertainties, we are offering a new series of webinars on our core topics. A way for us to help you re-mobilize your teams and (let's be crazy) reinvent your organization by giving pride of place to flexibility, this time in the choice of work spaces and practices! Don't hesitate to register for free and meet us on one of these days. > The complete program is available here

Publications and contents

Since the beginning of the crisis, we have been publishing a series of articles and practical advice to help us better approach this unprecedented period in the history of organizations: 

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