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As a key player in flexible real estate for more than 10 years, Neo-nomade helps you in your transition to the new uses of the distributed office. Real estate has never been so flexible.

Join more than 200 companies that have passed the milestone!

COVID-19 - Neo-nomade is mobilized to offer you tailor-made solutions to help you to continue your activities and to invent new work organization models. -Discover how

How does it work?



The largest network of spaces

You have access to the whole range of coworking spaces, for a maximum choice and geographical coverage in France with more than 1000 spaces!



A digital tool to facilitate use

You connect to a dedicated digital platform to organize mobility, research, and control the use of internal or external coworking spaces



Support at every stage

From the research to the concrete implementation of your solution, we are at your side to facilitate the adoption of coworking and meet your objectives!

Deploy real estate flexibly, without constraints


Offices and rooms on request

Enrich the teleworking experience of your employees by accessing a network of more than 1000 100% flexible spaces, complemented by your own!


Monthly private rentals

Need to expand your office or meet a long-term need (1-36 months)? Call on our team of office hunters, we take care of everything!


Strategy & support

We help you plan and support your transition to new ways of working that integrate: teleworking, flexible real estate and new offices!

The world of work has changed a lot...

New expectations of your employees for more flexibility

"Metro-work-as-you-sleep" was the world before. Today, the future is being built around a simple principle: the freedom to choose where you work.

The health crisis has only reinforced what we already knew: in a digitised world, commuting is not necessary every day. We still have to invent solutions that will enable employees to work remotely in the best possible conditions.

In the next 5 years, professional nomadism, whether occasional or regular, will continue to develop. With the distribution of work in various locations inside and outside the company, your challenge is to propose concrete solutions and a framework to maximize the efficiency and commitment of all.

Allowing this flexibility in the choice of workplace is an issue of well-being and performance at work. Granting and organising this flexibility allows you to rehire your employees, to recruit and prepare your company for the future of work.

A new way of looking at real estate: flexible and usable

In addition to the classic lease, real estate becomes a service for use. Rethink your real estate equation, integrate flexibility and reduce your costs!

Allowing your employees to work in coworking areas also means sending a message of trust that creates real commitment and makes your company attractive for new generations!

Coworking is a 100% flexible real estate resource, which adapts to the uses and needs of the business: by deploying coworking for your employees, you adjust your real estate footprint in real time and you manage your costs online as closely as possible to needs!

By moving to a flexible model that integrates telecommuting, flexible real estate and flex-office, reduce your real estate footprint by more than 30%.

Find out which companies are leading the way!

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