Today, we offer you the following testimonies we have gathered for our white paper "Coworking, the new offices of the company". Meet Basil Samson, co-founder of Singulier Studios and co-chair of the Third Places Collective. He tells us about this fundamental movement in the world of work, and its impact on employees of companies.


Studio4.jpg-419x260xcropWhat is the contribution of coworking for an audience of employees?

This allows them to get out of their comfort zone, to open up to new approaches and new practices, and I would go so far as to marvel at this new emerging world.

In the company, you are seen through the position you occupy as a square in which you are stored. In coworking, human values take a more important place and this allows us to express something else, otherwise.


What advice would you give to an HR manager interested in coworking?

I would say without hesitation: come and meet us, come and see concretely how it happens in the spaces. And don't just see two or three... visit enough to understand that there are different cultures: those that favour the community atmosphere, those who offer fablabs, those who incubate, those who vary these ingredients and many others...

To discover this testimony in its entirety, download the first white paper to understand and adopt this new way of working: "Coworking, the new offices of the company".



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