Freshly arrived in the zebra team of Neo-nomad, and in charge of our network of spaces,I embark on the adventure! One of my goals: to meet the people who allow us to live telework and spread the values of coworking:the creators (often also managers) of spaces. My goal? To know them, to understand what they like, what they expect, why they have embarked on the adventure and to value the plurality of personalities who are at the heart of new working practices,each with a rich and different background ... It is in this desire to cross experiences and perspectives, to forge a bond, that I will propose several times a month the reading of a "portrait of space". Fifth interview with Colombe, head of launch and manager of the Wetail space in Lille.

Wetail Project Launch Manager
Dove manager of Wetail in Lille

 Hello Dove, you're Wetail's manager. Could you introduce yourself and tell us how the coworking project started for you?

I am the launch manager and manager of the Wetail space, a co-working space launched 1 month ago in Lille. Wetail was born out of Altavia's belief that dedicating places to retail innovation is necessary to stimulate creation and emulation in order to design tomorrow's retail. We offer our members the opportunity to evolve within an ecosystem that fosters the discovery of new solutions,business opportunities and the creation of synergies with other members. On the program: coworking space, acceleration program in partnership with Euratechnologies,workshops and events to animate the Wetail community. Our first space has opened in Lille, but we plan to open some very soon in Paris, Shanghai, Milan, Montreal, and Brussels.

Why did you embark on the adventure?

I decided to throw myself into the water, because, like the Altavia group, at the origin of this initiative, I am convinced that dedicating places to innovation in retail is necessary to stimulate creation and emulation in order to draw the retail of tomorrow.

dynamic coworking LIlle

 Tell us a little bit about your space. How's a typical day going?

Our co-working offer is divided into three types:

  • The offer pop up: Like a pop-up store, Wetail offers you for the duration of your choice (an hour, a day or a month), the opportunity to come and exchange, work, share and enjoy all services at the best price. Choose your workstation from the 50 available in the open space (from 3 euros/hour)
  • The corner offer:Like a corner shop, enjoy a space reserved for you within the open space and a private and secure box, as well as all Wetail services (from 235 euros per month)
  • The flagship offer:A true showcase for your company, you can welcome your customers in a private space dedicated to your brand. You will also have access to all the services of the Wetail space.

We also offer meeting room rentals, a subscription (for those who are interested in the community but don't need offices) for all our events and workshops, an acceleration program in partnership with Euratechnologies.

 Why did you choose to move to Lille? What do you like about this town?

Lille, the cradle of retail,is home to the first Wetail space. Located in a former department store, respecting all the codes of commerce, Wetail Lille offers 1,000m2 designed to welcome in optimal conditions the players of retail innovation. Wetail Lille is conveniently located 50 metres from Lille Flanders station. The Altavia Lille agency, located on top of Wetail Lille, and its retail customers, are a natural part of the eco-system.

Coworking retail
The Wetail space in Lille

 How would you describe the community that comes to your home....?

Startups, large groups, freelancer, ... It doesn't matter! The only common denominator that unites the whole community is vertical retail, which allows all co-workers to create real synegies between them.

 What are your coworkers doing for your coworkers?

Co-workers have access to a relaxation area as well as the kitchen, and weekly events are organized to animate the community (breakfast roundtables, pitch startups lunches, afterworks, conferences, ...)

 What changes have you seen since your opening?

The place has just opened, for now it is complicated to talk about changing the mentality of our community, but at least for now the echoes that we receive are very positive!

If you were to express the atmosphere at Wetail in three words, what would they be?

  • Community
  • Retail
  • Synergies

 If you had to encourage an employee who teleworks to come to your space, what would you say?

Wetail is the ideal place to surround yourself with people working in the same sector: retail. From there, it is no longer a simple space of co-working, but a real creative space of business and opportunities.

Small Chinese portrait

If you were:

  • An object: unfortunately, a smartphone.
  • One time of the day: breakfast
  • A dream: ubiquity
  • One colour: blue
  • A sport: rugby
  • A movie: better
  • A series:Silicon Valley
  • One place: the south-east
  • A Journey: Brazil
  • A song: Travel, travel

To find Wetail on neo-nomad

To read our previous portrait of space

See you soon for another meeting :) !

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