Freshly arrived in the zebra team of Neo-nomad, and in charge of our network of spaces,I embark on the adventure! One of my goals: to meet the people who allow us to live telework and spread the values of coworking:the creators (often also managers) of spaces. My goal? To know them, to understand what they like, what they expect, why they have embarked on the adventure and to value the plurality of personalities who are at the heart of new working practices,each with a rich and different background ... It is in this desire to cross experiences and perspectives, to forge a bond, that I will propose several times a month the reading of a "portrait of space". Fifth interview with Carole, founder of the Vacouva space in Nantes.

coworking crib
Carole manager of the Vacouva space in Nantes

Hello Carole, you're the founder of Vacouva. Could you introduce yourself and tell us how you wanted to create your own coworking space?

Hello! I am 35 years old, I am Nantes and mother of twins now 2 years old. I am also the founder and manager of Vacouva, the smart and smart coworking space open to
Nantes last June. A little over 2 years ago, after 10 years in retail, I decided to embark on the adventure of entrepreneurship. I had the opportunity, through my various professional experiences, to frequent coworking spaces. And the model quickly seduced me and gave me the desire to participate in this development. The click was the birth of my children: with the desire to propose a differentiating concept. By offering much more than a shared workspace: a real place of life conducive to work and exchange in a logic of "everything under the same roof" simplifying the daily life of the assets.
Vacouva is a coworking space open to all, a concierge service and a daycare service.

You must have noticed the increase in the number of coworkings all over France. How did you get to know coworking? Why did you embark on the adventure?

Yes, there are more and more coworking spaces in France and all over the world. And in Nantes, there is a real energy around this trend. I embarked on the adventure of coworking because I am convinced that the economic world and the forms of work are changing. Coworking and collaborative work are, in my view, one of the answers to this change. I wanted to participate, on my scale, in this momentum.

Nantes coworking
Vacouva Space

Tell us a little bit about your space. What do we find in Vacouva? How's a typical day going?

Vacouva is a clever coworking space. A space that is both beautiful and practical and where you feel good and in a logic "all under the same roof". The coworking space is based on three solutions: workspaces - meetings and common places, a concierge service and a childcare centre.
Different workspaces are offered with nomadic formulas (hour, day, 1/2 day) starting at 6 HT and local formulas (monthly) starting at 250 euros. Our 270m2 premises are conveniently located in the city centre of Nantes, in the heart of the dynamic Gare Sud /EuroNantes district and 2 steps from the convention centre and the Castle!
An ideal setting for business and discovery. There isn't really a typical day. Every day is different with new coworkers and new encounters ... and that's what I like!

Why did you choose to move to Nantes? What do you like about this town?

I'm from Nantes. It is a dynamic city and where it is good to live. There is a real entrepreneurial and creative spirit in Nantes, which is very conducive to concepts like mine.

How would you describe the community that comes to you?

Our coworkers come from a variety of backgrounds. We welcome self-employed, freelancers, entrepreneurs or seconded employees who come from all sectors of activity.
But also startups, TPE and SMEs and even large companies that also call us for their meetings or training as well as their teambulding events for example.
The proximity to the SNCF station also allows us to receive people passing by, just for a few hours.
In short, a beautiful diversity of exchanges!
Vavouva meeting room
Vacouva Space in Nantes

What are your coworkers doing for your coworkers?

Above all, we want to keep in mind that our coworkers come to Vacouva to work. We therefore rely on all the little extras that will promote their daily life (coffee use, phone chargers available, guitar and board games for moments of relaxation, etc. ...) and a lightened animations giving way to the initiatives of our coworkers.
As the space is freshly opened, we focus for the moment on the presentation of newcomers. Soon, we will offer workshops around professional themes and business highlights will be planned in order to promote meetings between coworkers. Vacouva is also a real place to live! There is an offer of concierge to facilitate the daily life of everyone. As well as creative workshops, cultural events, evenings, exhibitions...
Not to mention the childcare area!

What changes have you seen since your opening?

Since the opening of Vacouva and despite the general enthusiasm that seems to take place around the theme of coworking, I observe a certain dichotomy around the subject. Indeed, this model is not yet known to all and we (the actors of coworking) still often have to be pedagogical around this concept to promote its operation and the benefits it represents. It is true that today, coworking remains quite communal and only affects some privileged people. The advantage is that there is still room for all ... Even if the sector is likely to be saturated very quickly.
However, this forces new entrants, like me, to arrive with strong concepts!

If you were to express the atmosphere at Vacouva in 3 words, what are they?

  • Flexibility
  • Tricks
  • Creativity

If you had to encourage an employee who teleworks to come to your space, what would you say?

No more soulless open-space, welcome to Vacouva! A space that is both beautiful and practical and where you feel good. From open-space, to the individual office, meeting rooms and relaxation areas, there's bound to be a workspace that's right for you! Vacouva is a concentrated wellness colorful, warm and chic. Everything makes you want to work and settle there whether you are a nomadic coworker or a resident.

Small Chinese portrait

If you were...

  • An object: a Vacouva of course!
  • A moment of the day: The Taste (because you can do several during the day!)
  • Public figure: Wonderwoman 😉
  • A dream: Going around the world
  • One colour: Yellow, warm, joyful and stimulating!
  • A sport: Combining work and family life as an entrepreneurial mom 😉
  • A film: Monty Python: Sacred Grail! (a "So British" humor so offbeat)
  • A place: Near the fireplace (the heat of a fireplace is unifying)
  • A Journey: Around the World
  • One song: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

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See you soon for another 😉 meeting!

  1. I'll confirm! Great coworking space at the southern exit of Nantes station.

    Carole greeted me warmly in this modern, beautiful and well thought out space. We see that Carole was a co-worker before creating the space because the space and services meet the needs of nomadic workers.

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