Freshly arrived in the zebra team of Neo-nomade, and in charge of our network of spaces, I'm getting into the adventure! One of my objectives: to meet the people who allow us to make telework live and to spread the values of coworking: the creators (often managers too) of spaces. My goal? To get to know them, to understand what they like, what they expect, why they have embarked on the adventure and to value the plurality of personalities at the heart of the new work practices, each one having a rich and different background... It is in this willingness to cross experiences and perspectives, to weave links, that I will propose several times a month the reading of a "space portrait". Dizenth space portrait, Make it in Marseille.

Hello Vincent, you're the founder of Make it Marseille! Could you introduce yourself and tell us how you felt like creating your own coworking space?

coworking Marseille
Vincent Roy, creator and manager of Make it Marseille

Make it Marseille comes from the desire to create a place that makes sense. Shared spaces, shared resources, varied professions that enrich each other, this is what motivated the creation of this place. With the particularity of offering coworking spaces alongside equipped and equipped workshops.

Marseille makers
The workshops of Make it Marseille

As you may have noticed, the number of coworking all over France is increasing. How did you know about "coworking"? Why did you embark on this adventure?

I got to know coworking because I have always been interested in the evolution of our society and in particular the world of work. Today more than ever we need to connect, create together and find ourselves in resourceful spaces.

Tell us a little bit about your space. What's at Make it Marseille? What's a typical day like?

Make it Marseille

At Make it Marseille, we find first of all the "Écurie": a living space in the center of the 450m2. You can meet there for a coffee, a discussion, share a lunch or take advantage of the canap' corner. Then you can choose to stay there or go to the coworking area, which is quieter, or the Espace M, a meeting room under a glass roof. Those with a manual trade then head for the wood, textile, jewellery or numerically controlled workshops of the Fablab. Laser printing, large format professional inkjet are as many resources to which everyone has access.

Why did you choose to move to Marseille? What do you like about this city?

Marseille is a city in transition where everything is still possible, in a dream setting between sea and mountains. I love its contrasts, its light and its unique location.

How would you describe the community that comes to you?

The Makers, members of Make it Marseille, are curious, creative and professional above all. They don't hesitate to give each other advice and exchange professional tips.

What are your coworkers doing for your coworkers?

Every first Friday of the month, a members' breakfast where everyone brings something to share. Every 3rd Thursday of the month, an open-air breakfast for which a caterer comes to offer homemade dishes and desserts at a low price. We organize themed breakfasts for members and others from the professional training courses.

What changes have you noticed since you opened?

Make it Marseille

The more time people spend at MlM the more projects are born without us even knowing about it, it's great!

If you had to express the atmosphere at Make it in 3 words, what are they?

  • creative
  • casual
  • professional

 If you had to encourage an employee who teleworks to come to your space, what would you say?

Let him come to Make it Marseille to change his frame while working in the best possible conditions!

Small Chinese portrait

If you were...

  • An object: made of wood that you are happy to have in your hands.
  • A time of day: early morning
  • A public figure: Dalai Lama
  • A dream: a world of respect
  • One color: green
  • A sport: climbing over water!
  • A film : with Harvey Keitel
  • One location: Hoedic Island
  • A trip: at sea, sailing for a tour of the Mediterranean Sea
  • One song: Fink / Maker 😉

To find Make it Marseille.

See you soon for new encounters!

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