Who are these people who enable us to make telework a reality and spread the values of coworking? Through this series of portraits, we invite you to meet managers of coworking spaces to get to know them better, understand why they have embarked on the adventure and value the plurality of personalities at the heart of these new work practices. Fourteenth space portrait with LA FABRIK 3.0 located in Les Essarts in Vendée.

Hello Aurélie, you're in charge of animation and events at La Fabrik 3.0. Could you introduce yourself and tell us what La Fabrik 3.0 is?

Hello, I am indeed the animator and manager of the coworking space La Fabrik 3.0 which opened in September 2018.

Working in coworking is very stimulating from a relational point of view. There are very different profiles among coworkers, each one sharing his or her background and skills. I really enjoy spending time talking with everyone and organising events that help coworkers to get to know each other, called Fabriker's. Every day is a new day ... with new encounters and activities!

You must have noticed the increase in the number of coworking/private offices all over France. How did you get to know the concept? Why did you launch yourself into the adventure?

Since 2012, I have been offering support and advice to entrepreneurs on their day-to-day management. In order to expand my activity and to get out of the isolation of working from home, I decided to create and work within my own Space.

I discovered the concept of coworking two years ago when I had to finish a client's file in the South of France. Having no connection, I was advised to go and push the door of a coworking space. I was immediately seduced by the connection that can be made within a coworking space!

I was also thrilled with the simplicity of the reservation and the fact that it's "à la carte"...

With the rise of auto-entrepreneurs, start-ups, teleworking, and nomadic workers, I am convinced that this way of working is emerging!

Coworking La Fabrik aux Essarts

Tell us a little bit about your space. How's a typical day going?

La Fabrik has different work spaces, allowing us to meet the needs of as many people as possible. The main space: La Fabrik d'ID, allows 14 people to work simultaneously in "Open Space" offices.

We also have private offices, which allow us to receive our clients, or to work in isolation or by videoconference.

La Douce Fabrik is a benevolent workspace for your consultations in a small salon. Thanks to a folding auscultation table and its waiting room, this office can meet the needs of professionals in alternative medicine.

La Fabrik also has a meeting room equipped with a giant interactive touch screen that can accommodate between 15 and 20 people.

We also have associated services: domiciliation, printing, delivery of meal trays ... La Fabrik is a space that makes your work easier!

As for me, my role is to facilitate exchanges between coworkers to help put them in touch with each other!

Coworking La Fabrik aux Essarts

Why did you choose to settle in the Vendée? What do you like about this town?

Les Essarts en Bocage is a commune of 9000 inhabitants, ideally located as it is on a busy road and close to the motorway junction linking Nantes / Bordeaux, Cholet.

In addition, the Vendée is benefiting from strong growth in economic development.

La Fabrik means allowing the people of the Vendée to benefit from the same service as in the city but in the country!

How would you describe the community that comes to you?

The Fabrik community is very diverse, which makes it a great strength: from accountants to photographers, sophrologists to graphic designers - everyone benefits from meeting each other.

Coworking La Fabrik aux Essarts

What are your coworkers doing for your coworkers?

Several times a month, I propose animations and events, for professional users and non-users of space. The objective is to respond to the various problems of companies while promoting the creation of its network. Places are limited and registration is done online.

Lately, I have allowed the Fabriker's to exhibit on their activities during the Fabriker's show and every quarter, I organise a RésO' evening on federative themes! J

I really want to help the companies that come to La Fabrik to develop their networks...

If you had to express the atmosphere at the Fabrik in 3 words, what would they be?

  • Warm space
  • Exchange
  • Share

If you had to encourage an employee who teleworks to come to your space, what would you say?

La Fabrik allows people to meet many people, offering the opportunity to help each other by exchanging ideas and skills, to share, to work together.

So there is no better place to open up and expand your network. Moreover, everything is at your disposal to work in the best conditions (kitchen, computer tools, wifi, ... ). All the conditions are thus gathered to create your network and get out of isolation.

At La Fabrik you are always welcomed with a smile and a good hot coffee ☕

Chinese Portrait

If you were...

An object: a gri
A time of day: the snack break
A public figure: Yannick Noah
A dream: Open and manage a coworking space in Australia
One color: blue
One sport: scuba diving
A film : Les p'tits mouchoirs (The little handkerchiefs)
A place: a seaside
One trip: Australia
A song : A la vie à l'amour - Soprano


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