Today marks the start of Quality of Life at Work Week. "But it's every day well-being at work when you're coworking! " you'll tell me. That's true, but some spaces have a little something extra 😉

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An improv game to let off steam at Vacouva in Nantes

Every month Vacouva offers you an introductory workshop in improvisational theatre with Louis-René Lemaire.

The opportunity to experiment with letting go, speaking, intuition, empathy, self-assertion, listening ... These are all ingredients that make up the basis of improvisation theatre. All this in a playful atmosphere!

No need to be extroverted or to have already done theatre, it is accessible to all levels.

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A small cup at Icône in La Défense.

Quality of work life at Icône

No champagne at Icône, though... But a glass for these gentlemen!

You will entrust your face to the very famous Barbière de Paris, yes the one we see alongside Cristina Cordula in the M6 makeovers! She also treated the beard of Adil Rami and many other stars.

Hairdressing, barber (steam shaving, old-fashioned shaving, beard size and structure), well-being and care: a unique place dedicated to male beauty.

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Adopt Zen working with L'Espace City'zen in Vincennes

City Zen Coworking Space

Just a few steps from the capital, come and recharge your batteries at City'Zen, a coworking area located in the heart of the Vincennes floral park.

Zen woking is a concept combining serenity, efficiency and creativity. With this formula, users can come to work for a day and enjoy a 20-minute capsule workshop with a choice of: meditation, yoga, relaxation and QiGong.

If you add to this the 35 hectares of the horticultural park of the Parc Floral de Paris blooms all year round, you are guaranteed to be zen.

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Climbing the walls at La Cordée Valmy in Lyon...

coworking quality of life

Why don't you replace the "fag" break with the "climb" break? I'll be damned.

To do so, go to La Cordée Valmy in Lyon where its 3 by 3 meter wall with about ten 10 routes awaits you to take up the challenge.

It must be said that with this name "The String", it's appropriate, isn't it !?

Keep your mind free with Weréso's concierge service.

quality of working life with Weréso

Need to focus on your business?

Hotel reservations, taxis, dry cleaning... With its concierge service, Weréso is on the safe side so that you can work with complete peace of mind.

And the good news is that there are several Weréso spaces in Paris, Lille and Lyon 😉.

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Of course, this is just a small selection of wellness activities!

Do you have a little wellness thing in your space too?

Share it as a comment to this article!



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