France - and the world as a whole - are going through an unprecedented episode, with the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. Here are some of the measures that we at Neo-nomade have taken to prevent as much as possible the risks of contamination, and to follow government directives as closely as possible.

Update for the deconfinement period as of 11/05/2020

Organization of the Neo-nomad teams

Since the beginning of containment, all of our teams have been working remotely. While teleworking is in itself a situation that we are familiar with, teleworking extended 5 days out of 5 over an indefinite period of time raises a number of questions. Nevertheless, our platform and consulting activities do not require a physical presence in the office or at client sites. We have therefore been able to maintain all of our operations: hotline, management of space relations, support missions... And this beyond 11/05 and until further notice.

Nevertheless, the impact on operations is strong and we expect a gradual return of our platform activities on the booking side (see below). Nevertheless, we maintain a minimum service to answer all user questions. In particular those related to current reservations or requests for visits and post-confinement reservations. We are currently working on creating a checklist of the minimum measures to be respected, so that the spaces can keep you informed as and when they reopen.

Gradual resumption of reservations and COVID-19 checklist

We decided on 15/03 to follow the government recommendations and to cancel all reservations until 11 May, the date of the announced deconfinement. We informed all users of the situation, with a decision to refund 100% of all cancelled reservations. If you are affected by this measure and have any questions or complaints, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service, which remains open throughout the crisis.

From 11/05, we are gradually reopening reservations on the platform. All spaces can therefore welcome users freely. However, we have alerted the space community to the need to guarantee a minimum level of security, via a checklist of minimum measures that you can find here. This list is currently being automated on the platform, to help you understand the measures taken and to filter according to your criteria.

Maintains a minimum service for companies, users and spaces

We will maintain throughout the crisis a minimum service that will allow you to :

  • To access the interface at any time: user accounts, spaces, companies, all our tools remain online and our development teams remain mobilized to continue to improve the platform.
  • To contact customer service for any question related to your account, invoicing and payments, update your space sheets or access your back-office reporting... Via a single contact address: Our hotline also remains open.

New solutions and content to support recovery and deconfinement

Neo-nomad has always been at the heart of a deep transformation of work to make it more free and flexible. With the current health crisis linked to COVID-19, we have adapted our offers so that coworking and teleworking continue to be positive drivers of the transformation of our organizations. This is why we are offering solutions adapted to the needs of companies from 11/05 onwards.

We are also working to help companies and employees to adapt to this new "full time" teleworking mode by offering a maximum of articles and tips (see for example the recently published article on the 10 tips for companies that switch to teleworking during COVID_19). You will be able to follow on our Linkedin news feed and on this blog various articles and tips to help you take this step, unique in the life of our modern societies. We are also organizing a series of free webinars on these different themes

Good luck to you all!

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