It's been a few weeks since you've heard (a bit more) about us: we've been fine-tuning some nice newsletters, we've been walking around in the places to meet you, we've launched a big campaign to raise awareness about coworking following the work on the RER A train, we answer you every day on the switchboard or by e-mail... But it's been a long time since we've had the time to explain to you concretely who Neo-nomad is? Who are the new members of the team? What are the roles of each one? How do we work internally? What motivates us... in short, a wide range of important things because they are at the heart of our passion and our desire to do every day 🙂

It is because I myself arrived recently, that I discovered a world very different from what I had experienced in my former jobs, and innovative ways of working, which reinforced my need to put "meaning" into work, that I felt the desire to communicate on this subject. It was a good thing, we hadn't talked about us for a long time!

Let's start with the B A BA 🙂 -> Who is the Neo-nomad team? Who's hiding behind the zebra?

Neo-nomadic team
The Strike Team
Neo-nomad is today 18 people (5 a few months ago before our fundraising with the Sodexo group, so everything is accelerating these last months: now that we are numerous, we can!), including 4 trainees, for an average age of 26 years. Various profiles: university, business school, BTS, DUT, DUT, Science-po, engineering school, developers... The spectrum is wide and the team is complementary. No typical profile here, but strong personalities... So when you brainstorm, it's going in many directions! We work around 5 poles, the Biz-devs, the project managers, the affiliation, the user support, and the devs. So in a simplified presentation, the Bizdevs sell projects, the project managers supervise them in the field, the affiliation takes care of the spaces highlighted on the platform, the user support takes care of our customers and responds to their daily requests, and the devs ... Develop your site and its features according to the needs reported by users (nomads, spaces, team). With us you will find a lot of people who have been disappointed by the rigidity of big structures, or who are driven by a social dimension, or who want to explore daring ways of working... see often a mix of these three data. 😉

"Work outside the box" for us is not just a saying, it's everything that drives us.

For this article you will have the right to our heads and our corpo giph of team (lucky), for the portraits of presentation, I reserve you the first one in 15 days and the continuation every 15 days!

In big projects, everyone rolls up their sleeves and adds their touch. No silo work here, and everything is in this logic, flex office at full speed and coworking as much as we can! Trainees, managers, big bosses, everyone works side by side and changes room according to the nature of the task they are doing, to be more or less quiet, or more or less in interaction with others. Up until the meetings, everyone can bring his or her own vision, without hierarchical importance.

Neo-nomad team
Dream team Neo-nomad

Moreover, we have organized our premises in this dynamic. We have 3 floors, no fixed posts (small exception for the administration), and a different atmosphere on each level (floor 1: like at home; floor 2: comeeting; floor 3: coworking).

"Just like home" worklab
Small living room, floor 1, Worklab.

At least once a week, we go (all of us) to our different affiliated spaces, to spend the day and work in a different atmosphere, whether in Paris or in the provinces. We might as well tell you that we don't know much about routine.

space visit
The Neo-nomadic team on the road at Cool & Workers in Paris
Our HQ is based at the big neighborhood (which brings me to point 2):

What are grandneighbours? What's our HQ like?

The former Saint-Vincent-de-Paul hospital in the 14th arrondissement is in the process of being acquired by the City of Paris since 2015. In order not to leave the site abandoned during this transition, the place has been entrusted to 3 associations which have made it a model of collective, innovative and solidarity adventure and renamed the site: Les Grands Voisins. On the site 100 collaborative-oriented start-ups and 600 foreign workers distributed in 5 accommodation services by the Aurore association. But also atypical and committed spaces, such as La Lingerie, the associative café at the heart of life and diversity, a henhouse, three exhibition areas, a sauna, an ecological campsite, sports and artistic facilities... Under the influence of the Yes We Camp association, these places resonate with diversity and creativity. Workshops are offered every week, as varied as open, craftwork in wood, metal, photography, permaculture ...

The Great Neighbours
Les Grands Voisins, entrance


Our own HQ is at the heart of this incredible energy. The 3 floors of our "Worklab" are located in the Robin courtyard. In the Worklab, in addition to working flexibly, we are experimenting with future ways of working. Everything we offer our clients, we experience first and foremost internally.

Worklab Neo-nomad
Comfort at work 😉
In our DNA, there is a real militancy: happiness at work, we believe in it, we apply ourselves to it!

At Worklab, we try to multiply the time of exchange between people, be it in the team or with the resident coworkers in space. A lot of varied training workshops, exchanges of good practices and a big collective meal where anyone can come on Tuesday, with each time a team of chefs.

Worklab meal
Tuesday's big table

We often smile as a team when we think of the image of start-ups, but in the end, we have to face the facts... Neo-nomadic at all of a cool start-up where it's good to live, without the table football and ping-pong table, the siesta room and the compost on top of that!

In fact, find our white paper on the new offices of the company!

And to know everything about the nomad inside you ...

Some nomad profiles of the team

See you soon for our first team portrait.

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