Freshly arrived in the zebra team of Neo-nomad, and in charge of our network of spaces, I embark on the adventure! One of my goals: to meet the people who allow us to live the tele-work adventure and spread the values of coworking: the creators (often also managers) of spaces.
My goal? To know them, to understand what they like, what they expect, why they have embarked on the adventure and to value the plurality of personalities who are at the heart of new working practices, each with a rich and different background ...
It is in this desire to cross experiences and perspectives, to forge a bond, that I will propose several times a month the reading of a "portrait of space".
First interview with Paul, who is now at the head of a network of 5 coworking spaces in the Lille region.  Here we go!

Hello Paul, you're the founder of The House of Coworking. Could you introduce yourself and tell us how you wanted to create your own coworking space?

Hello Julie! I am the founder of La Maison du Coworking and I opened my first coworking space in 2014 in Villeneuve d'Ascq. Thanks to the upheavals of working methods in recent years, coworking is attracting more and more companies, freelancers, etc. the idea pleased me and I saw an opportunity to develop this concept in the metropolis Of Lille, and soon everywhere in France.
So I created La Maison du Coworking, a workspace where you feel good, a bit like when you're at home!

You must have noticed the increase in the number of coworkings all over France. How did you experience coworking? Why did you embark on the adventure?

I experienced coworking myself a few years ago. I started sharing my offices when I started my international trading business. After seeing the potential and many benefits that coworking could offer I decided to fully embark on the adventure and open my first space in 2014.
Today we have several spaces in the metropolis Of Lille, in order of opening:
  • Villeneuve d'Ascq - Haute Borne / Parc de la Plaine
  • Villeneuve d'Ascq - Cousinerie
  • Lille
  • Marcq in Baroeul,
  • Cross
That's 6000m2 on the metropolis to access a community of 400 coworkers from all professional backgrounds. Further openings are planned in the coming months.
The house of coworking - Lille

Tell us a little bit about your space. What's at The House of Coworking? How's a typical day going?

 At La Maison du Coworking we offer several services:
  • Private office rental
  • Office rental in an open space
  • Meeting room rental
  • Storage box rental
  • The domicile
Rates depend on the associated locations and services. A typical day at LMDC depends on each of the coworkers, each chosen how they operate. Our coworkers like to meet over coffee, at lunch break or during the various events and workshops we set up every week.

Why did you choose to move to the Lille region? What do you like about this town?

 Originally from Lille above all... but it's a dynamic city full of entrepreneurs!

How would you describe the community that comes to your home ...?

 The community that comes to La Maison du Coworking comes from a variety of worlds and professions. They are graphic designers, editors, architects, developers, lawyers, consultants, bloggers... Nothing in principle connects them and yet they share the same office!

What actions are put in place for your coworkers? in terms of animation/creativity/fun?

 To strengthen ties and foster exchanges between our coworkers, we organize business events, sports activities (e.g. tennis, yoga,...), or afterworks in which everyone is free to participate or not. We also organize workshops to enable our coworkers to develop skills in various fields (social networks, e-mailing, etc.).

What changes have you seen since your opening?

 A lot of space openings, many different actors, with very different ambitions and models. There is room for these openings, but I think that the market will have to be structured in 5 years and that we have to prepare for them.

If you were to encourage an employee who teleworks to come to your space what would you say?

At the Maison du Coworking, our coworkers share more than just a workspace. They share their experiences, skills, and convivial moments! Moving into our spaces will allow the employee to create links and have a real flexibility of his working hours. Our coworkers also have equipment, high-speed internet access and a pleasant work environment that is conducive to productivity! You should also know that we already have teleworkers who love to work at the House!!
The House of Coworking - Lille
Now the Chinese portrait of The House of Coworking
If The House of Coworking was ...
An object: The trombone, present on our logo
A time of day: In the morning, a time when our coworkers can get together and enjoy the breakfast offered by the house, over a good coffee
A public figure: Steeve Jobs, an innovative man who inspired many changes
A Dream: Becoming a Global Community
A color: White is a color that symbolizes unity and associates with all other colors
-A sport: Work is a physical race full of pitfalls during which the participants show tenacity and solidarity!
A film: The Spanish Inn is a film that brings together several characters, from very different backgrounds but who find themselves in the same place. A bit like the concept of coworking!
-A place: The kitchen which is a place of meeting and discussion
A journey: San Francisco, one of the cradles of innovation.

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See you soon for another 🙂 meeting!


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