Coworking Weekend: Three days with, by and for the francophone coworking community.

Jellyweek Summer Workcamp

Focus on the 14 coworking & telecentres projects supported by the Ile de France Region


Coworking and Telecentres in EPN?

"JELLY " discovery of Coworking @LesSatellites (Nice)

COtuesday, the unmissable event for collaborative consoles

Visit and Workshop Coworking in Lille!

invitation Jelly Coworking day on 28/03

Coworking "Jelly" day in CoworkingLille on March 28th!

Soon a coworking space in Vincennes

A must-read book: "Neo-nomadism: Mobility, Sharing, Transformation of Identities and Urbanity".

Le Comptoir Numérique, coworking and practices 2.0 in Saint Etienne

Zebra Favourite - neoz'arrivants!

Coworking ("Jelly") Day on Tuesday 6/12

Tied together the coworking version of the Rope!

Coworking Conference 2011 @Berlin

Hirwa, a coworking space in Beaujolais!

The Media Workshop, pioneer of coworking in Lyon

Grind, a space for "free radicals"

There's sunshine and nomads...

Multiburo gets to flex'!

When the zebra gets into jazz...

Telework and third places: review of 22/07/11 has a new (zebra) look!

Betahaus begins: the origins of coworking in Germany API

Discover the new!

Betahaus Berlin

Pilgrimage to the Promised Land of Coworking

The planes of 2050 - but will there still be planes in 2050?

Telework and third places: review of 17/06/11

If you don't go coworking, coworking will come to you.

What place for the corporate clone in these open spaces?

Coworking to the test of corporate cloning

Tuez vos coworkers ???